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LOVSON offers you a REVOLUTIONARY IDEA for your agricultural needs , a " MINI TRACTOR "  !!!!!!!

Salient features :

  1. LOW INVESTMENT !! No need to invest heavily in big branded tractors with high horsepower .
  2. INCREASED PERFORMANCE : - Our tractors are comparatively so cheap that an agriculturist can purchase multiple tractors and get the work done in less than actual time of 1 bigger tractor .
  3. MINIMUM DOWN TIME : These are very simple machines and work efficiently without any breakdowns , and if at all they require any repairs , they are so simple and easy to fix , that they can be fixed in no time with minimum of expense.
  4. NON-STOP work : The agriculturist usually procures more than 1 such tractor because of its affordability and so even if one does stop working ( which is highly unlikely) , the other always continues the work .
  5. NO REQUIREMENT OF SKILLED LABOUR :  The tractors are so simple and easy to drive , run and maintain , that one does not have to hire any skilled workers usually required to run the more expensive, highly  sophisticated tractors .